Social Worker
High School Phys. Ed. & Guidance Teacher
Television Host/Interviewer/Fitness Instructor
Writer - books, scripts, articles
Editor - of about 20 books
Speaker - Have spoken in over 200 Ontario venues and ran for a Provincial Seat in Parliament (1988)
Publisher – Owner of byDesign Media
Graphic Designer – of the Crossroads Compass magazine for two years
Managing Editor (2010 Interim) - of the Crossroads Compass magazine

1967-68 Social Worker – Huronia Regional Centre, Orillia
1968-69 High School teacher – Park Street H.S., Orillia
1970-80 Fitness instructor/producer - TV Host/Producer of Total Fitness: Body, Soul & Spirit
1980- Author, Occasional Co-host of 100 Huntley St.
1981-92 Regular host – Nite Lite television program, CCCI., Raiders of the Lost
1992-97 Researcher/Designer/Writer/Producer – Custom Family History for one of Canada's most recognized families
1986-06 Co-owner of Praise Productions – Writer, Graphic Designer
2007 to present - Owner of byDesign Media – Writer, Graphic Designer, Publisher
2008-10 Graphic designer of the Crossroads Compass magazine
2009-13 Winning Kids Inc.® – Director of Communications
Board Member of Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Institute
2012 to present - Owner of Face CozyTM International
2015 to present - Owner of Sharing Life ConcertsTM