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If you wish to stage a Sharing Life ConcertTM prior to the completion of this website,
please call 905-852-6349 to discuss your options.

Why Sharing Life Concerts TM?

Something is out of whack.

Millions of North American parents spend billions of dollars each year on music, dance and other talent lessons for their kids.

Week after week, the kids are driven to teachers and spend hours practicing flutes, horns or keyboards; or developing grace at a ballet barre. Some sing, take acting lessons or learn the art of public speaking.

For what?

For most, all those hours devoted to grooming evaporate into memories of unused skills. Many never have the opportunity to perform or let their talents bear fruit. All those lesson dollars evaporate with the memories.

In other homes around the world, many parents go hungry so their children can eat. Right now thousands of refugees are living in limbo, waiting for the world to respond. They're coming to our communities. We need to think outside the box to find creative ways to reach out and raise resources to meet great needs.

The purpose of Sharing Life ConcertsTM is to give talented or trained kids – or motivated adults – the opportunity to show what they can do and, at the same time, use their gifts to help others around the world.

Sharing Life ConcertsTM are an initiative of byDesign Media - “Meeting Needs by Design”


Do you ever get frustrated, not knowing what to do about the overwhelming needs in our world?
Do you ever get really sick of practicing the piano, dancing or playing the flute for hours, thinking there’s no point to all your practice?
Do you ever sing in the shower, knowing you’ve got a voice, but get no chance to use it?
Do you ever feel ashamed that you have so much, while others have so little?
Do you ever get really bored and feel as though there’s no purpose for your life and wish you could do something really important?


Invite your friends, neighbours and family.

Sell tickets and contribute to the needs here at home and around the world!