About byDesign Media Projects

The “Projects” section of byDesign Media is full of ideas, challenges and practical resources, all designed as tools to help make this world a better place. Here you’ll find resources to help protect children from child sexual abuse, tools for helping bridge the generation gap, tips and research on how to prepare one’s home and family for tough times, an Easter/Pentecost drama and unique resources for restoring hope to troubled teens. It’s all here in the “Projects” section.

I’ve always been an ideas person, but my ideas have often been bigger than my resources. My development of tools is meaningless without having other people catch the vision and work together to make things happen. No tool is worth anything without hands to pick it up and use it to accomplish what it was designed to do.

Just a little ‘aside’ note: Diane Roblin-Lee and Diane Roblin-Rutledge are the same person (me). Many of my books were written and projects were started prior to my recent marriage to Glen Rutledge.

The Projects