“Meeting Needs by Design”

When I registered my company in 2007, I called it “byDesign Media” because I was mindful of the ordered evolution of events in my life that had culminated in its formation; but I needed a mission statement that would encompass all the diverse skills I wanted to offer. After much thought, I settled on “Meeting Needs by Design.”

Someone told me I should focus on one thing that could define me – sort of like a branding iron. I understand focus, but if the rainbow had only one colour, it would be less than it was meant to be.

On my journey, I’ve been challenged by the diverse needs of the people who have shown up throughout my years. One of my greatest pleasures has been helping to meet their needs.

  • As a social worker, fresh from the study halls of Acadia University.
  • As a High School Phys. Ed and Guidance teacher
  • As a wife, mom, grandmother, sister, friend, daughter
  • As a fitness instructor and host of my TV program, “Total Fitness – Body, Mind and Spirit.”
  • As a candidate for a municipal seat – to gain a voice to speak to the need for sense in society
  • As a TV host for Nite Lite, a Christian talk show reaching out to all those people who couldn’t sleep at night, or who had just come in from shift work or whatever, who had questions about life
  • As an author and publisher to help people with issues, graphic design, editing, printing and book production.
  • As someone who has ‘been there.’ Along the way, I found many people struggling to understand devastating events in their lives which I, too, had experienced – and so I write and speak on a variety of topics
  • As a CPAP sufferer with depressing strap marks left after a night of CPAP therapy, I designed a solution and called it a “Face Cozy” to help those who go to bed with the “hose to the nose!”
  • As CEO of LifeNet Ministries Inc. to help restore hope to a struggling generation of teens.

It’s always been about meeting needs. I believe none of the people on my path showed up by chance, but that their presence was “by design.” The One who created me had a purpose for it all.

And so that’s who I am – a pilgrim on a journey, “Meeting Needs by Design.” ByDesign Media is my tool for making it all happen.