Original Painting

Dog painting
Cat painting

One day when I was six-years-old, I was intrigued by a photo of (then) Princess Elizabeth as a little girl. I sat down at the kitchen table with a pencil and a piece of paper and discovered a part of myself I had not before known. It was so much fun making something look like something else. When my dad arrived home that night, I remember my mother showing him, in quiet tones, what I had done.

I guess that was why, at the age of eight, I found myself in the home of a local artist enjoying the accomplishment of painting my first cat and dog. I loved the smell of linseed oil and the mellow tones of the oils.I loved the way I could take a smudge of thick paint and blend it into dusky shadows and three-dimensional highlights. I could hardly wait for Tuesday afternoons, by which time the previous week’s oil paint would be dry and I could continue my ‘masterpieces.’ The lessons continued for only one season, as we moved and life went in a different direction. Nevertheless, when I got older and out on my own, the seeds that had been planted continued to germinate and,  from time to time, I would get my paints out. On my 60th Christmas, my sister gave me a set of acrylic paints for Christmas. I began to paint on Saturdays and discovered the joy of not having to wait for paint to dry. I could paint all day, if life permitted. Portraits began to happen and, once again, the challenge of making something look like something else, captivated me.

If you’re looking for a custom painting – if you want something to look like something else, whether portrait or landscape, please feel free to give me a call. My rates start at $700 and vary with the degree of difficulty.

Most of the paintings below are accompanied by the original photos from which I worked.

Hands painting
Flower bouquet painting one
Flower bouquet painting two

Photo to Portrait or Painting

Man portraitMan with tie painting
Girl portraitWoman painting two
man with facial tattoos portraitMan with facial tattoos painting
Blonde woman photoBlonde woman painting
Man with plaid bucket hat photoOld man with plaid bucket hat painting
Windmill ice skating photoWindmill ice skating painting
Windmill photo twoWindmill painting