Building Up the Hiway

Available from Hiway Church, Barrie ON

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Available from Hiway Church, Barrie ON

Building Up The Hiway is a story of remembrance and hope. Through this wonderfully written and honest reflection, Jeanne Best remembers 100 years of God’s faithfulness to Hiway Church. Many of us have experienced the goodness of the Lord here at Hiway over the years. We have cherished those moments when He lifted us up and carried us through difficult times. In our church, we have welcomed new life and have said our good-byes to our dear ones and friends. We have found forgiveness for our sins, healing for our wounds, and hope for the future. We have met God at Hiway.

The testimony of Building Up The Hiway is clear. It documents God’s faithfulness to Hiway Church from our small beginnings and days of persecution, to tent meetings, moving to new locations, embarking on new builds, and planting churches. He has been with us all along the way and made us shine as a light in the darkness in our neighborhood, city, province, country, and around the world. ~ Pastor Jess Cantelon


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