Predators in Pews & Pulpits

Sexual Child-Abuse and the Church

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Predators in Pews & Pulpits by Diane Roblin-Lee
Predator-Proof Your Family Series – #4, Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell
Sexual Child-Abuse and the Church

Why do some child-molesters go to church and call themselves Christians? Gain insight into the internal struggle of the child molester in church and how it can be resolved. Introducing the “iHeart” – proposed technology that would identify the condition of people’s hearts as they enter churches!


  • Double whammy
  • The iHeart?
  • The porn factor
  • The new crack cocaine
  • Why do pedophiles and child molesters go to church?
  • The God factor
  • Interview with a predator
  • Flawed doctrine—or flawed people?
  • The mind of the predator in church
  • Priests, ministers or rabbis—who’s real?
  • Plan to Protect
  • SNAP
  • Sexual abuse in the church – nothing new
  • The godly majority

Each of us needs to have our minds renewed. We need a new mind-set that values things like kindness, integrity, mentoring, patience, consideration, concern for others, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, restorative justice and wisdom. In the process of renewal, we need to be highly conscious of those who do not espouse the same values and be well educated as to their tactics.


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