The Husband I Never Knew

The story of a family ripped apart by the fruit of pornography and unbroken generational sin, as told to Diane Roblin-Lee. Forword by Melodie Bissell.

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Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell

This is the story of a family ripped apart by the fruit of pornography and unbroken generational sin. While their names and some circumstances have been changed to protect the victims and families, the story is written to honor them and shed light on any clues that may help people spot potential molesters before they harm another child. These days, many people have soaked their souls in pornography and walk around like ticking time bombs, waiting to act out the depraved fantasies that have been planted in their heads. Sexual child molestation almost invariably begins with someone dabbling in pornography, never in their wildest dreams intending to molest a child. Following “Kari’s” decision to tell their story, she discussed the ramifications with her (by then ex) husband, “Matt,” following his release from prison. She and some other family members felt his perspective would lend deeper insight for the protection of other children – if he would agree to an interview. He did, and it is contained – in all of its raw tragedy – within these pages. He was broken and open to exposing his deepest shame if it could in any way dissuade anyone else from targeting a child or acting on perverted fantasies. This story is not yet ended. It is the story of a journey. We have yet to see the full picture of God’s redemptive plan.


  • Kari’s Story
  • An interview with Kari’s ex-husband
  • Being aware – knowing the signs
  • Why do they do it???
  • Dr Jeckyll – Mr. Hyde
  • Child molester or pedophile?
  • The newest twist to the oldest perversion
  • Victims as child molesters
  • Recognizing the warning signs
  • The manipulative molester
  • The “moment”
  • Who are we supposed to watch out for?
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