When the Worst That Could Happen Has Already Happened

Finding healing for a child who has been sexually abused

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By: Diane Roblin-Lee
Predator-Proof Your Family Series – #7 Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell.
Finding healing for a child who has been abused.

When the worst that can happen has already happened and your child has been sexually abused, the challenge is in finding the best path to healing for the child in the face of dealing with your own agony. That’s not easy.


  • How to create an atmosphere conducive to healing
  • Healthy and unhealthy coping skills
  • Why feelings of isolation are based on a myth
  • Helping loved ones who have been abused
  • How does one “fix” a broken child?
  • How to banish the confusion of misplaced guilt
  • How to find purpose and beauty in pain
  • Is forgiveness really necessary? How can it even be possible?

Explore answers to these questions and more in, When the Worst that Can Happen has Already Happened


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