Who is the Predator?

Identification – Warning Signs

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By: Diane Roblin-Lee

Predator-Proof Your Family Series – #2 Foreword by Dr. Melodie Bissell

Identification – Warning Signs

Until outed through charges being laid against them, predators are usually impossible to spot. They lurk behind masks designed to look like everyman or everywoman. What are the warning signs? How do people become predators? Do people who have been abused become molesters? What part does pornography play in the development of a predator? This booklet contains the rich and hard won insight of a woman who lived – unknowingly – with a predator for 38 years. Her question is, “If I could live with a child molester for 38 years and not know it, how can anyone be expected to be able to know whom to trust with his or her children?” This insight is critical for everyone who has the responsibility of caring for a child or children.


  • Interview With a Child Molester
  • Why Do They Do It?
  • Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde
  • Child Molester or Pedophile?
  • The Newest Twist to an Old Perversion
  • Victims as Child Molesters
  • Recognize the Warning Signs
  • The Manipulative Molester
  • The “Moment”
  • Child Molester or Pedophile?

Do we have to live in fear and paranoia? No. We can live in a spirit of love for our fellow man, the knowledge that we, as parents, grandparents and community, are empowered through diligence to protect our children, and that with soundness of mind, we can overcome the fallout from darkness.


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