I’m thinking this morning about that weird prayer I prayed, asking God to give me an invention a couple of years before I met Morgan. Then I just forgot about the prayer until, one day, I was so frustrated by the strap marks I had on my face every night from wearing my glamorous CPAP mask (following my diagnosis with sleep apnea) that I started fooling around with fabrics and designs to make something that would alleviate the problem. When I figured it out, I called the result the “Face Cozy” and got Donna Irwin to help me make some up, thinking they might help other people too. The first respiratory clinic I went to purchased my entire inventory and paid me on the spot. Then Morgan ( who also wears a CPAP- lol) showed up and helped me get the trademark and patent. Candace Morgan everaftergraphics.com helped me with an incredible website. After looking all around Toronto, we found a manufacturer -who has been awesome- right in our town. We got the dyes made up. Landmark TV in the States found us on the web and made a video that played on four major networks in the U.S. Now, the largest distributor of CPAP and oxygen masks in Canada is piloting the Face Cozy in 10 of its locations across Canada. People in the U.S. are ordering from my website. Amazon has approved it for sale in the health and personal care category. Obviously, God has a plan. It’s pretty amazing. God is good. Www.facecozy.com