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What to Do If You’re Bullied

There are things you can do if you are being bullied: Look at the kid bullying you and tell him or her to stop in a calm, clear voice. You can also try to laugh it off. It’s the exact opposite response to what the bully is looking for. Walk away and stay away. Don’t fight back. Find an adult to stop the bullying on the spot. There are things you can do to stay safe in the future. Talk to an adult you trust. Don’t keep your feelings inside. Telling someone can help you feel less alone. They [...]

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A New Meaning for Tea-Totaller!

We had visitors for the weekend.When one of the women arrived, her right hand was curled and very painful. She had long scars on her forearm and more on her upper arm where surgeons had tried, in three operations, to fix the unexplained nerve damage - without success. She was in constant, chronic pain.I felt so sorry for her. Pain changes everything in one's life.So I asked if she'd like us to pray for her. She was a lapsed Christian, having left the church some years before and I wasn't sure she'd be open to it - but she said [...]

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Miracle on Father’s Day, 2018

So we’ve just had a huge Father’s Day miracle!! Yesterday when Morgan and I arrived at granddaughter Bethany’s in downtown Toronto for a happily-anticipated visit, she and her husband Michael, a music producer, had just discovered that his backpack containing his laptop, backups and other irreplaceable work-related items had been stolen. The loss represented months of work and many thousands of dollars. It was absolutely devastating. It meant he wouldn't be able to proceed with his lineup of new work, but would have to recall the artists back into the studio, rewrite music and redo productions in both Canada and [...]

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It’s Important After All

Yesterday my husband and I were sitting by a window overlooking a golf course, enjoying amazing Greek salads. A tall man approached our table rather tentatively and said he'd seen me and thought he'd say hi. I remembered him as a relatively quiet man, a member of a church I once attended, but yesterday he was chatty. After catching up on family news, he began to say goodbye but suddenly stopped, turned towards me and looked at me intently."I need you to know how you helped me," he said. "I read one of your posts awhile ago about a help [...]

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The Miracle of the Face Cozy

I'm thinking this morning about that weird prayer I prayed, asking God to give me an invention a couple of years before I met Morgan. Then I just forgot about the prayer until, one day, I was so frustrated by the strap marks I had on my face every night from wearing my glamorous CPAP mask (following my diagnosis with sleep apnea) that I started fooling around with fabrics and designs to make something that would alleviate the problem. When I figured it out, I called the result the "Face Cozy" and got Donna Irwin to help me make some [...]

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Hearing the Voices

For generations past, the voices of the abused have been silenced behind closed doors. They were the muffled screams or sobs of victims or, after the fact, hushed whispers between devastated siblings or friends. Often, the voices were locked away as memories, never allowed the relief of release. Child sexual abuse was seldom revealed or acknowledged, whether from shame, fear of not being believed or in efforts to protect the perpetrators.But those voices have lingered in memories and in the damage done to the lives of the victims. They haven’t gone away. They’ve been waiting in the shadows of time, [...]

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It’s not fun standing before a group of strangers telling about how I lived with a child molester for 38 years, knowing absolutely nothing about his dark thoughts, re-entrance into pornography or secret life of victimizing two young girls. Every time I speak, I have to unscrew the jar that holds memories that shattered my family. They come tumbling out and I have to grab them and force them to stand, exposed, before the crowd in all their shame. I point to them and say, “Look at what happened to my family – don’t let it happen to yours.” And [...]

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