So we’ve just had a huge Father’s Day miracle!! Yesterday when Morgan and I arrived at granddaughter Bethany’s in downtown Toronto for a happily-anticipated visit, she and her husband Michael, a music producer, had just discovered that his backpack containing his laptop, backups and other irreplaceable work-related items had been stolen. The loss represented months of work and many thousands of dollars. It was absolutely devastating. It meant he wouldn’t be able to proceed with his lineup of new work, but would have to recall the artists back into the studio, rewrite music and redo productions in both Canada and the US.
While they called the police, five-year-old great-granddaughter Lumyhna and I went into the living room, held hands and prayed for a miracle. We dared to pray that God would return the whole bag with everything in it.
Bethany made posters offering a huge reward and Michael put them up all around the area.
But really – what thief needing money enough to steal for drugs or whatever, having just scored such expensive equipment, is going to simply return it?
So Morgan and Bethany and Lulu and I went for lunch while Mikey waited for the police. We had a delightful time, delicious lunch and a fun walk in the park; but underlying it all was our sad concern and hope that God would do something.
We said our goodbyes in the late afternoon and went home.
At one a.m., the phone rang at their house. An anonymous male voice said, “Sorry dude; it’s in your backyard.”
Bethany and Michael ran out to the backyard – and there was the backpack. Intact. Totally intact. Not even a cord missing.
Would that really have happened without supernatural intervention? I think not.
When we heard, Morgan and I did the happy-dance and gave God the glory He deserves. What a memorable Father’s Day for Mikey! A sure demonstration of the love of his Heavenly Father!
What a faith-builder for us all!