We had visitors for the weekend.
When one of the women arrived, her right hand was curled and very painful. She had long scars on her forearm and more on her upper arm where surgeons had tried, in three operations, to fix the unexplained nerve damage – without success. She was in constant, chronic pain.
I felt so sorry for her. Pain changes everything in one’s life.
So I asked if she’d like us to pray for her. She was a lapsed Christian, having left the church some years before and I wasn’t sure she’d be open to it – but she said yes.
As I prayed, tears started running down her cheeks. When I asked what was happening, she said her whole arm and hand were tingling. Then her hand began to shake uncontrollably. As the shaking calmed down, she started to open and close her previously frozen hand.
I suggested that she raise her arm and thank Jesus for what He was doing. She raised it all the way up and, through more tears, she thanked Him.
Monday morning I made a pot of tea in a heavy, ceramic pot. She lifted it and poured her own with zero difficulty. No need for support with the other hand.
What a celebration. Thank you Lord!! 🙂
(But I still love my coffee!)