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Purposeful Relationships

 We don’t know what motivates people  to do the things they do. We just have to bear with them and understand that  people have to live out their own lives. Our job is to fulfill God’s purpose for every relationship we have.
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Extended Family

The extended family was designed by God as a ready-made support group for the mutual  encouragement of the developing generations. Happy Mother’s Day, Grandmother’s Day and Great-Grandmother’s Day!
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“Sensitivity” is nothing more than selfish manipulation in disguise, when it is exhibited to make you look good or earn points with someone.
Sensitivity is genuine when it sees the heart of another and responds to the needs it sees there.
How sensitive are you? Really?
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The Wisdom of Grace

Moira Brown interview with Diane Roblin-Lee

Here you will find the essence of the wisdom of Grace Irwin Roblin, as distilled by her daughter.

This blog is dedicated to all who read it, in the hopes that sharing the essence of my mother, Ella Mariah Grace (Irwin) Roblin, will reaffirm priceless values,help smooth the path ahead,and bring blessing to your life as she always did, so abundantly, to mine.

The results of Grace’s life are the results everyone wants from life. The problem is that in this modern society, we don’t like the way she got them. We would have told her she needed to find herself, to bemore independent, to look after number one.

But it’s our modern philosophy that landed us where we are. Perhaps it’s time to reaffirm the wisdomwe’ve discarded and the way of life that worked. There’s no mystery about where Grace got her wisdom. It’s just practical Christianity—life lived God’s way.
Grace (right) and Friends (1928)

Grace and friends


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