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  • Foreword by David Mainse, host of "100 Huntley Street": "Diane's first book, My Father's Child continues to be the 'classic' which is must reading for every pastor. Diane's personal story is a powerful and dramatic insight into the life of a minister's child. But this is more - much more - than a personal story. With pen in hand, Diane interviewed P.K.s and their fathers in churches,...
  • This 200-page devotional was born in the heart of the late Val Dodd; a well-loved member of the "100 Huntley Street" television team, past Chairman of the Board at Singing Waters Retreat Centre in Orangeville, Ontario and pastor to many. It was given life through the research and writing of Diane Roblin-Lee, but most importantly, through the breath of the Holy Spirit.
  • By: Rev. Gordon Williams with Diane Roblin-Lee


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